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[bug-gettext] JavaScript implementation in xgettext

From: Carl Fürstenberg
Subject: [bug-gettext] JavaScript implementation in xgettext
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 22:58:51 +0200

There was a note about this a year ago on the old mailing list
though no discussion nor any result was given sadly :(

I've looked into the code Andy Stricker made, and made some changes to
better fit jsgettext (http://jsgettext.berlios.de/) and jQuery.sprintf
(https://github.com/azatoth/jquery-sprintf) (I know, shameless

Anyway... I took the liberty to rebase his code and published is as an
fork at https://github.com/azatoth/gettext-javascript; I would really
like this to become a standard feature of xgettext, as more and more
of our world is implemented in javascript.

P.S. Please CC me as I'm not on list.

Carl Fürstenberg

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