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Re: gcal reporting Christmas day as the 26th?

From: Roger
Subject: Re: gcal reporting Christmas day as the 26th?
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2022 15:53:06 -0500

I was going to ramble on about how I've been installing/re-installing Ubuntu 
recently, and how Ubuntu screws setting my BIOS/RTC clock to UTC, rather than 
keeping/respecting it's local setting.

However, after scanning the gcal source code data/folder, Christmas is set 
corrently, and the data/us relevant holiday files appear not to have changed 
for a long time.

Also as of now, New Years is also showing as January 2, rather than January 1st 
as always in the past.

Due to these set of unusual circumstances, I'm thinking this might have to do 
something with all of the figiting with the BIOS RTC clock!

UTC is 5 hours ahead in my local time zone, I don't see how that would affect 
things, but might be plausible something is being affected by switching to/fro 
UTC/local BIOS/RTC clocks.

I would have certainly noticed this bug last year for sure!


> On Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 04:00:36PM -0700, Stephen Wood wrote:
>   Hello, gcal maintainers!
>   It seems gcal is reporting the wrong day for Christmas, the 26th
>   instead of the 25th. At first I thought maybe I was localizing
>   incorrectly, but I've tried with various US_<STATE> and all of them are
>   reporting Christmas as the 26th.
>   $ date
>   Fri 23 Dec 2022 03:17:50 PM MST
>   $ gcal --holiday-list --cc-holiday=US_ID | grep Christmas
>   Christmas Day (US_ID) �  �  �  �  �  �  �  �  �  � + Mon,
>   � Dec:26th:2022 = �  +3 days
>   $ gcal --version
>   gcal (GNU cal) 4.1
>   Is there something I'm doing wrong? I also notice Christmas Eve is
>   missing which makes me suspicious that I have the wrong flags set
>   someplace.
>   Thank you,
>   Stephen

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