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Missing Polish holidays

From: Mateusz Reszka
Subject: Missing Polish holidays
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 19:45:10 +0200


I wanted to contribute to gcal to make Polish holidays list more complete.

What was missing was two holidays introduced lately:

- Trzech Króli (Three Kings Day), which is a bank holiday introduced in
  2010 and first celebrated in 2011,

- National Victoria Day, which is not a bank holiday, introduced in 2015 
  or rather moved from 9th to 8th of May and first celebrated that very year

    I also let myself to modify translation of "anniversary" as the word 
"stulecie" means roughly "100 year anniversary" which seems too specific.
Rocznica would be good enough too, but we just call it "Constitution Holiday",
so it just sounds more natural that way.

Let me know if I did something wrong or you expect different format of
the diff, I am quite new in free software community.

Mateusz Reszka

diff -r gcal-4/po/pl.po gcal-4.1/po/pl.po
< msgstr "Stulecie Konstytucji"
> msgstr "Święto Konstytucji"
< msgstr "Stulecie Konstytucji"
> msgstr "Święto Konstytucji"
< msgstr "Stulecie Konstytucji"
> msgstr "Święto Konstytucji"
< msgstr "Stulecie Konstytucji"
> msgstr "Święto Konstytucji"
> #: src/hd-data.c:721
> msgid "Sylvester/New Year's Eve"
> msgstr "Sylwester/Nowy Rok"
diff -r gcal-4/src/hd-data4.c gcal-4.1/src/hd-data4.c
>   if (year > 2010)
>     holiday (*init_data, detected, _(hd_text[HD_THREE_KINGS_DAY].ht_text),
>           ptr_cc_id, DIS_HLS_PREF, 6, MONTH_MIN, year, hd_elems, fday,
>           count);
>   if (year >= 2015) {
>     holiday (*init_data, detected, _(hd_text[HD_VICTORY_DAY].ht_text),
>           ptr_cc_id, "+", 8, 5, year, hd_elems, fday, count);
>     }

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