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Re: gawk: "please file a bug report"

From: arnold
Subject: Re: gawk: "please file a bug report"
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 22:56:45 -0600
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Thanks for the bug report. I am working on this. I have to think about
how to clean out some of the dark corners with gensub(). (sub, gsub, and
gensub share some common code.)

I will post a patch when I'm done.



J Naman <jnaman2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry, just exploring in dark corridors ... gsub() *target*: @strong regex.
> Feel free to use/not use this in a future gawk_source\gawk-master\test
> -john naman gawker@703n.com
> gawk: C:\Nsoft\@nsLib\dev\TESTquickRgxGsub.Tr2.awk:8: warning: typeof
> detected invalid flags combination `MALLOC|STRING|STRCUR|NUMCUR|REGEX';
> please file a bug report.
> print "Initialize strong regex"
> rgx2=rgx1=@/[abc]/
> printf("rgx%d='%s'\ttypeof(rgx%d)='%s'\n",1,rgx1,1,typeof(rgx1));
> printf("rgx%d='%s'\ttypeof(rgx%d)='%s'\n",2,rgx2,2,typeof(rgx2));
> print "Test gsub() a strong regex"
> gsub(/b/,"e",rgx2);
> printf("rgx%d='%s'\ttypeof(rgx%d)='%s'\n",1,rgx1,1,typeof(rgx1));   #< line
> 8 warning
> printf("rgx%d='%s'\ttypeof(rgx%d)='%s'\n",2,rgx2,2,typeof(rgx2));
> }
> #========================================
> Stdout:
> Initialize strong regex
> rgx1='[abc]' typeof(rgx1)='regexp'
> rgx2='[abc]' typeof(rgx2)='regexp'
> Test gsub() a strong regex
> rgx1='[abc]' typeof(rgx1)='unknown'        #< line 8 warning
> rgx2='[aec]' typeof(rgx2)='string'
> #-----------------------------------------

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