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Re: RS='.^' apparently ignores the RS setting

From: arnold
Subject: Re: RS='.^' apparently ignores the RS setting
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 12:51:34 -0600
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arnold@skeeve.com wrote:

> The matched character for the record separator is the newline before
> the subsequent begininng of the line that follows it.
> This is likely a bug. I need to think about how to deal with it.
> It's a truly weird corner case.

Mawk indeed treats ".^" as an invalid regexp, reading in the whole
file as a single record.

I think this is a bug in the dfa and regexp libraries that gawk uses,
and have sent a report to the gnulib list asking them to explore it
further, or to explain to me what I'm doing wrong.



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