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Changes to gawk mailing lists

From: Arnold Robbins
Subject: Changes to gawk mailing lists
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 11:28:38 +0300
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Hello All.

Effective immediately, there are changes in the gawk mailing lists.

1. bug-gawk@gnu.org should be used O N L Y for bug reports. Discussion
and "why" and "why is gawk different" etc questions should no longer
go to this list.

2. There is now a new list, help-gawk@gnu.org, for all the non-bug
questions.  Anything that isn't bug-related should be sent to that

At the next release, the gawk manual will have much more details
about what is and isn't a bug, reporting bugs, and using the help list.

If you wish to help out people looking for answers, you are welcome
to subscribe to that list.  Here are instructions, courtesy of
Bob Proulx:

A. Subscribe By Email

Send an email message to help-gawk-request@gnu.org with "subscribe" in
the body of the message.  The subject does not matter and is not used.

B. Subscribe By Web Form

To use the web interface visit the list information page.  Use the
subscribe form to fill out your email address and submit using the
Subscribe button.


C. Reply To The Confirmation Message

In both cases then reply to the confirmation message that is sent to
your address in reply.



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