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Re: Support of log10?

From: Peng Yu
Subject: Re: Support of log10?
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 13:24:48 -0500

On 6/25/21, Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 07:10:01AM -0500, Peng Yu wrote:
>> Could you consider putting this on github? sf is not very
>> user-friendly. I think more people are moving away from it.
>> If it is put on github, it is likely more people will notice it and
>> contributing to it.
> We have considered it, and when we last looked, Github was missing some
> features that we find useful on SF.

What features are missing?

> What's so unfriendly about SF?

My personal feeling is that SF is slow, not obvious to find info, plus
it has annoy ads.

If you search "moving from github to sourceforge", I only see
mirgrating from sourceforge to github, instead of the other way
around. I think this is a good reason people tends to move away from
sf to github.

> Git is git, after all.  Just clone it and
> work
> up a patch.

> I doubt that moving it to Github will result in more people "noticing" it.

You never know. But given people are moving away from sf, there must
be a good reason.

> There are millions of projects on Github; why would this one stand out?

If you put gawk on github, it should be easy to pop it out when people
search awk.

> We
> have
> very few people working on gawkextlib, and we don't have extra time to waste
> on
> moving the project at this time.


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