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Re: How to check if a field is a number (integer or float)?

From: arnold
Subject: Re: How to check if a field is a number (integer or float)?
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 21:40:16 -0600
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Ed Morton <mortoneccc@comcast.net> wrote:

> You REALLY should read Effective AWK Programming, 5th Edition, by Arnold 
> Robbins to learn the basics of awk and THEN if you have questions about 
> how to do certain things post them to appropriate forums established for 
> people to ask such questions and get answers from their peers, e.g. 
> comp.lang.awk on usenet, or 
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/awk. Directly emailing the 
> gawk providers every time you have a question on how to do something in 
> awk is outrageously inappropriate and a waste of their time. If you look 
> at the mailing list archives at 
> https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gawk/ you'll see that only you 
> are doing that.

This is exactly correct. As you have been told many times: Read The Manual
and then you will no longer need to ask questions here. This will save
time for you, me and everyone else on this list.

> The best solution that I figured out is just `typeof(x) == "strnum"`||
> typeof(x) == "number"` instead of using regex.

That should work.


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