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Re: [bug-gawk] enhancement: fixed-width record

From: Manuel Collado
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] enhancement: fixed-width record
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2019 15:21:33 +0200
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El 20/09/2019 a las 14:28, jamesfengcao via bug-gawk escribió:
Dear Sir/Madam,
   It appears not too complicated to add fixed-width record support. With this 
support, the GNU awk can be used to handle most cases of binary files.

   One such case is to handling binary files with strings mixed with binary 
data. Usually these binary data are fixed-width. We can easily split the file 
to text file with strings and pure binary file using tools like bbe. Using gawk 
with fixed-width record support, we can easily sort the original mixed binary 

   In fact, with this enhancement, gawk is automatically extended to be a very 
powerful tool for binary data processing. In fact, it can handle almost all 
cases. And the best thing is that it is almost free.

It is not clear to me what are you asking for. Gawk already has fixed-width fields support (the FIELDWIDTHS feature). And also the ability to identify records by their contents (the FPAT feature).

So please post a sample input data and expected output in order to clarify why neither FIELDWIDTHS nor FPAT are enough to process it.

   Best Regards

Manuel Collado - http://lml.ls.fi.upm.es/~mcollado

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