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SVG orientation problem with 2.25

From: Faludi Zoltán
Subject: SVG orientation problem with 2.25
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 08:25:06 +0200


I have some issues with Gama v2.25 SVG drawing.

The v2.24 does it well with 
gama-local --input-xml sample.gkf --angular 360 --text 224.txt --svg 224.svg

But the v2.25 rotates it 180 degrees, see: 225_ne.svg
If I change axes-xy="ne" to "sw" the result is almost ok. Almost, because the coordinate axes are missing, see: 225_sw.svg

In the Hungarian coordinate system Y is the first, which points to the east, X is the second, and points to north.

So, the questions are:
- have I done wrong so far?
- versions 2.24 and earlier have been malfunctioning so far?
- is version 2.25 working bad?


Faludi Zoltán

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