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[Bug-gama] Problems installing Rocinante

From: Serafino Lorenzo Ferreri
Subject: [Bug-gama] Problems installing Rocinante
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 21:39:51 +0100

Dear Developping Team,
my name is Serafino Lorenzo Ferreri and I'm an Italian archaeologist and topographer. I downloaded from Sourceforge.net the "zipped" file 'roci-local-1.1.6-linux.tar.gz' but now I'm having problems in the issue of installing the software.
First of all: I'm not able to creating an executable file from the source code. I read a lot of forums but it seems too difficult to me. I know this is a limit, but that's it: I'm a simple user, like a lot of collegues.
Despite this, I think that your software could be fundamental for every topographer because it is a valid and useful tool.
I will be very grateful if you can send me (or, better, to put online) a simple executable file for installing your software in Windows 7.
As a second: it is not clear if we have to install the sw GNU GaMa before Rocinante. If this, I have the same problem in installing GaMa.
So sorry for my ignorance, but I'm very convinced that your software could resolve a lot of my (and my collegues') problems!!!
Thank you in advance. Best wishes.

Serafino Lorenzo Ferreri

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