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[Bug-gama] Incorrect last char in point name

From: Шульга Алексей
Subject: [Bug-gama] Incorrect last char in point name
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:58:00 +0300

I create the original XML-file is encoded in UTF-8. In the names of some points there are Russian characters. I perform adjustment and get the resulting XML-file. But there the last Russian characters in the name of the points invalid. Can you fix this error?






      <point id="17955ф" x="102840.07" y="79127.79" fix="xy" />

      <point id="15863И" x="102212.76" y="80630.95" fix="xy" />

      <point id="Б7227Б" x="102753.22" y="79287.31" fix="xy" />

      <point id="МобиДик" x="101755.53" y="79728.62" fix="xy" />




   <point> <id>17955</id> <x>102840.070000</x> <y>79127.790000</y> </point>

   <point> <id>15863м/id> <x>102212.760000</x> <y>80630.950000</y> </point>

   <point> <id>Б7227м/id> <x>102753.220000</x> <y>79287.310000</y> </point>

   <point> <id>МобиДик</id> <x>101755.530000</x> <y>79728.620000</y> </point>



First three points have incorrect name, but fourth point is good (name contains only Russian characters).


Best regards, Alex Shulg



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