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[Bug-freedink] Dink story finnish translation and some sound replacement

From: Petteri Tolonen
Subject: [Bug-freedink] Dink story finnish translation and some sound replacements
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 13:38:38 +0100
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Hi Beuc (and others on bug-freedink),

it's been a while since I contributed to Freedink, so I decided to do something.

I finally finished the finnish translation for dink story. Sorry it took so long. I already posted it to our translation team's mailing list for checking. I'll send the final version to the translation project repository by the end of next week.

While testing the translation, I also noticed that there has been little work on the sound replacements, so I made some new ones. I used sounds from wesnoth and freeciv, because I reckon their licenses should be ok. Here's the info about the sounds:

bhit.wav (woodbrk.ogg from freeciv)
- shortened by cutting the rattle from the end

grunt1.wav (human-hit-4.ogg from wesnoth)
- changed the speed

grunt2.wav (human-hit-5.ogg from wesnoth)
- changed the speed

punch.wav (club.ogg from wesnoth)
- shortened and filtered some higher sounds.

swing.wav (dagger-swish.wav from wesnoth)
- changed the speed

sword2.wav (from latest freedink-data)
- I made this sound earlier, but it started to annoy me, so I modified the "echo" part to be a little bit "crunchier".

best regards,
Petteri Tolonen

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