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[Bug-freedink] Some informations

From: Federico Mercurio
Subject: [Bug-freedink] Some informations
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:11:46 +0100

my name's Federico and I write for the Italian Dink Smallwood community 
(dinksmallwood.altervista.org). I'm writing an article about FreeDink and Dink 
Smallwood HD and I need some informations. Primarily I would like to know when 
FreeDink project started and when it was released for the first time, then 
write me whatever you think it would be useful/interesting for an article about 
the differences between Dink Smallwood 1.08, FreeDink and Dink Smallwood HD. 
For example you could answer some questions like: why did you make FreeDink? Or 
why should someone use FreeDink instead of Dink Smallwood HD?
Feel free to write whatever you like, I'll try to put it in my article.
Thank you for your patience!


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