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[Bug-freedink] zziplib: misaligned pointer access on MIPS

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Bug-freedink] zziplib: misaligned pointer access on MIPS
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 18:14:49 +0200
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When cross-compiling zziplib for PSP (PlayStation Portable, a
MIPS-based architecture), I got segfaults when accessing a .zip (I use
it in GNU FreeDink, a game / game engine - http://www.freedink.org/ ).

The reason is that the zip file entry structure, which is a set of
chars, is converted to an integer pointer (uint32_t*) and then
dereferenced (*pointer).

This does not work when the field is not 32bit aligned (which is the
case for the z_offset field, at offset 42 in the structure).

I posted a fix that only uses the portable (byte-per-byte) access for
the PSP branch:

I thought I'd let you know so you can fix too :)



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