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prunefs/paths on AIX

From: AIXperts Consultancy ltd.
Subject: prunefs/paths on AIX
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 08:59:44 +0100

Good morning,

We have a problem with running updatedb on AIX filling up either /var or
/tmp. This seems to come from sort generating temporary files, but it
does not appear to be a problem on Linux. I have scrutinised sort but
cannot explain the difference in it's default option form.

However, I tried rectifying the issues by using prunefs, then
prunepaths, neither which seems to work on AIX. The man page mentions
/etc/mtab, which doesn't exist on AIX, so that could explain prunefs not


Henrik Morsing
AIXPERTS Consultancy ltd. (no. 6168819)
2 Rowsham Road
HP22 5DZ
07920 473 574

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