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[patch #9705] make ftsfind honour the -ignore_readdir_race option

From: Gajendran Kanapathipillai
Subject: [patch #9705] make ftsfind honour the -ignore_readdir_race option
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 12:58:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #2, patch #9705 (project findutils):

Actually, with the ftsfind, the test never gets to the code where earlier
patch (0afb2efad) is fixing the issue.  Instead, the ftsfind errors early and
sets the errno to "1".  Which causes the "-ignore_readdir_race -delete"
combination to still fail and return error.

The patch attached prevents the ftsfind to error early and and set the errno
to 1, so the original patch (0afb2efad) is reached and handled correctly.

Here's the test loop output without the attahed patch:

consider_visiting (early): ‘./6’: fts_info=FTS_F , fts_level= 1,
prev_depth=1 fts_path=‘./6’, fts_accpath=‘6’
consider_visiting (late): ‘./6’: fts_info=FTS_F , isdir=0 ignore=0
have_stat=1 have_type=1 
removed ‘7’
removed ‘8’
removed ‘9’
removed ‘10’
find deleted: ./6
consider_visiting (early): ‘./7’: fts_info=FTS_NS, fts_level= 1,
prev_depth=1 fts_path=‘./7’, fts_accpath=‘7’
/bin/find: ‘./7’: No such file or directory
consider_visiting (late): ‘./7’: fts_info=FTS_NS, isdir=0 ignore=0
have_stat=0 have_type=0


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