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[patch #9585] find.1: Some cleaning of the manual

From: Bjarni Ingi Gislason
Subject: [patch #9585] find.1: Some cleaning of the manual
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:20:59 -0500 (EST)
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                 Summary: find.1: Some cleaning of the manual
                 Project: findutils
            Submitted by: bjarniig
            Submitted on: Sat 10 Mar 2018 11:20:58 PM UTC
                Category: documentation improvement
                Priority: 3 - Low
                  Status: None
                 Privacy: Public
             Assigned to: None
         Originator Name: 
        Originator Email: 
             Open/Closed: Open
         Discussion Lock: Any
                 Release: None
           Fixed Release: None



  The patch is in the attachment

Input file is find.1

Test nr. 2:

Enable and fix warnings from 'test-groff'.
Input file is /tmp/find.1

<standard input>:922 (macro BR): only 1 argument, but more are expected
<standard input>:1717 (macro BR): only 1 argument, but more are expected
<standard input>:1806 (macro BR): only 1 argument, but more are expected
<standard input>:1832 (macro BR): only 1 argument, but more are expected

chk_manuals: Output is from: test-groff -Tutf8 -b -e -mandoc -rF0 -t -w w -z 


Test nr. 7:

Change (or include a "FIXME" paragraph about) misused SI (metric)
numeric prefixes (or names) to the binary ones, like Ki (kibi), Mi
(mebi), Gi (gibi), or Ti (tebi), if indicated.
If the metric prefixes are correct, add the definitions or an explanation
to avoid misunderstanding.

1194:The block counts are of 1K blocks, unless the environment variable
1411:The amount of disk space used for this file in 1K blocks.  Since disk
space is


Test nr. 8:

Protect a full stop (.) with "\&", if it has a blank (white-space) in front
of or (ignoring transparent characters to the full stop) after it, and it
not mean an end of a sentence.

6:[\-H] [\-L] [\-P] [\-D debugopts] [\-Olevel] [starting-point...]
2231:Usage: find [\-H] [\-L] [\-P] [\-Olevel] [\-D ... [path...] [expression]


Test nr. 15:

Change the name of a macro for two fonts (e.g., BR and IR) to one letter,
if there is only one argument.
Add the second argument if needed.  It is sometimes part of the first one.

922:.BR "\-size \-1M"
1717:.BR \-user
1806:.BR \-ok;
1832:.BR \-ok


Test nr. 20:

Use a macro to change to the italic font, instead of \fI [1], if
The macros have the italic corrections, but "\c" removes them.
There only changes are made where the macro ".IR" is of benefit.

[1] man-pages(7)

578:File was last accessed \fIn\fR*24 hours ago.
600:File's status was last changed \fIn\fR*24 hours ago.
630:File is on a filesystem of type \fItype\fR.  The valid filesystem
638:File's numeric group ID is \fIn\fR.
664:File has inode number \fIn\fR.  It is normally easier to use the
699:File's data was last modified \fIn\fR*24 hours ago.
707:matches shell pattern \fIpattern\fR.  Because the leading directories
732:File was modified more recently than \fIfile\fR.  If \fIfile\fR is a
742:than timestamp \fIY\fR of the file \fIreference\fR.   The letters
784:File name matches shell pattern \fIpattern\fR.  The metacharacters do
877:File name matches regular expression \fIpattern\fR.  This is a match
888:File refers to the same inode as \fIname\fR.   When
931:File is of type \fIc\fR:
962:File's numeric user ID is \fIn\fR.
995:link to a file of type \fIc\fR; if the
1004:(SELinux only) Security context of the file matches glob \fIpattern\fR.
1046:Execute \fIcommand\fR; true if 0 status is returned.  All following
1160:True; print the full file name into file \fIfile\fR.  If \fIfile\fR
1301:File's last access time in the format specified by \fIk\fR, which is
1386:File's last status change time in the format specified by \fIk\fR,
1451:File's last modification time in the format specified by \fIk\fR,
1540:Same as ! \fIexpr\fR, but not POSIX compliant.
1549:Same as \fIexpr1 expr2\fR.
1552:Same as \fIexpr1 expr2\fR, but not POSIX compliant.
1565:of \fIexpr2\fR.  The comma operator can be useful for searching for


Test nr. 22:

Remove space in the first column,
if not intented.

490: means only apply the tests and actions to the starting-points


Test nr. 23:

Move a full stop (period) and a comma outside of a quoted text, if it is
at the end of the quote and does not end a quoted sentence.

20:`.' is assumed.
514:hard links: its name and its `.'  entry.  Additionally, its
687:\fIpattern\fR.  The metacharacters do not treat `/' or `.' specially.
716:and `[]') match a `.' at the start of the base name (this is a change
785:not treat `/' or `.' specially; so, for example,
879:`./fubar3', you can use the regular expression `.*bar.' or `.*b.*3',


Test nr. 24:

Change a HYPHEN-MINUS (code 0x55, 2D) to a minus (\-), if in front of a
name for an option.

423:.B -regextype
534:.BR -samefile ,
1956:.B find /sbin /usr/sbin -executable \e! -readable \-print
2075:.B find repo/ \e( -exec test -d \(aq{}\(aq/.svn \e; -or \e
2076:.B -exec test -d {}/.git \e; -or -exec test  -d {}/CVS \e; \e) \e
2077:.B -print -prune
2101:.B find /tmp -type f,d,l
2110:.B find /tmp \e( -type f -o -type d -o -type l \e)


Test nr. 27:

Split lines longer than 80 characters into two or more
lines.  Apropriate break points are the end of a sentence or subordinate


  1) man-pages(7) from package \"man-pages\" or
\"www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages\" section 7 or

  2) groff_diff(7) in package \"groff\":

  3) \"info groff\":

find.1: line 445        length 83
find.1: line 463        length 83
find.1: line 713        length 85
find.1: line 1930       length 82


Test nr. 28:

"Wrong distance between sentences or protect the indicator.

1) Separate the sentences and subordinate clauses; each begins on a new
line.  See man-pages(7) and \"info groff\".


2) Adjust space between sentences (two spaces),

3) or protect the indicator by adding \"\\&\" after it.

The \"indicator\" is an \"end-of-sentence character\" (.!?)."

28:findutils.   That document also includes a lot more detail
122:shall be taken from the properties of the symbolic link itself.   The
238:Enables query optimisation.   The
293:The cost-based optimiser is currently being evaluated.   If it does
452:first test, positional option or action. If you specify a global
479:the file, no error message will be issued.    This also applies to files
660:`fOo', etc.   The pattern `*foo*` will also match a file
728:library function.   Don't forget to enclose the pattern in quotes
742:than timestamp \fIY\fR of the file \fIreference\fR.   The letters
788:find . \-path \(dq./sr*sc\(dq
800:find . \-path ./src/emacs \-prune \-o \-print
843:you use a symbolic mode.   See the
888:File refers to the same inode as \fIname\fR.   When
921:Bear in mind that the size is rounded up to the next unit. Therefore
1062:The command is executed in the starting directory.   There are
1131:at all. The result of the action depends on whether the
1217:own definition will be used.   In either case, the interpretation of
1235:newline.   If you are piping the output of
1326:Second (00.00 .. 61.00).  There is a fractional part.
1421:the output of %m.   Normally you will want to have a leading
1443:may have a value which is greater than 1.0.   The value used for
1444:BLOCKSIZE is system-dependent, but is usually 512 bytes.   If the file
1523:exits.   The exit status may or may not be zero, depending on whether
1540:Same as ! \fIexpr\fR, but not POSIX compliant.
1668:IEEE PASC interpretation 126 requires this.   This is a change from
1672:Supported.   POSIX specifies `b', `c', `d', `l', `p', `f' and `s'.
1685:NOEXPR.    When `POSIXLY_CORRECT' is not set, the patterns are instead
1801:option.   GNU find uses the
1804:system library.    This variable also affects the interpretation of
2117:than 0 if errors occur.   This is deliberately a very broad
2182:\-exec ... +       4.2.12  POSIX
2231:Usage: find [\-H] [\-L] [\-P] [\-Olevel] [\-D ... [path...] [expression]
2274:fixing the problem.   Other comments about \fBfind\fP(1) and about


Test :

Fix the spelling of "kibi", "mebi", and "gibi".

903:for Kibibytes (KiB, units of 1024 bytes)
905:for Mebibytes (MiB, units of 1024 * 1024 = 1048576 bytes)
907:for Gibibytes (GiB, units of 1024 * 1024 * 1024 = 1073741824 bytes)




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Date: Sat 10 Mar 2018 11:20:58 PM UTC  Name: find.1.diff.gz  Size: 10KiB   By:



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