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feature proposal/request: find -crtime

From: Bozhidar Zhelev
Subject: feature proposal/request: find -crtime
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 16:17:59 +0200

Hello All,

Kudos for this awesome piece of software and many thanks for the support
and improvements you are providing! :)

I would want to propose what i think would be very useful feature for FIND

Can we have argument -crtime, that is similar in behaviour to atime, mtime
& ctime?
Since there is no kernel API to get that info right away but you can always
find it using debugfs, it would be very handy to search and find let's say:

# find all files created last week:

find . -type f -crtime +1 crtime -7

just to be able to do sorting stuff. Because if i have to do it manually i
should use mtime and then manually debugfs each file to check when it is
created... very unefficient...
Frankly i am amazed how feature like that is not yet implemented even on OS
level until now in the year 2015... But that is another topic.
Whatever the workarounds may be, simply put, there is a feature in the fs-s
that is not used and that even ntfs is using... whatever someone would call
it it is plain lack of functionality.

I dont know to what extend FIND aims to be posix compliant, but as more and
more fs-s now support birth time it would be very helpful to have feature
like that... especially for sysadmins whio deal with filled file systems
all the time and have to check who and when filled them.

Thanks in advance!

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