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[bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size

From: vose
Subject: [bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 15:15:06 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #17, bug #12162 (project findutils):

If my daughter's Rottweiler weighs more pounds than she, then changing
the units to metric (kilograms) does not imply she has suddenly put on
weight and now magically weighs the same as her dog.

If her 3 foot 8 inches seems small, when compared with the height of a
skyscraper, she nevertheless remains small by comparison even when the
units are changed from inches to lightyears.

It seems to me that the fundamental problem here is with the ambiguity
of "units".  The maintainer evidently -- and rightly so -- perfers the
simplicity, utility, and consistency of the current implementation.  I
believe that is justified, given that "units" refers to "granularity".

If the *precision* of measurement is so extremely coarse-grained as to
prevent a distinction in height between my daughter and Mount Everest,
it may be reasonable to deem their heights the same.  The problem with 
the find command is... well... there is no problem; there is a problem
with the *documentation* however.  The documentation should explicitly
point out how "units" refers to *granularity*, to how *coarse-grained*
the measurements are.  Moreover the succinct clarification provided by
Andreas Metzler should -- in my opinion -- be in the documentation.


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