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-ok not totally OK

From: jidanni
Subject: -ok not totally OK
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 03:14:01 +0800

Regarding "-ok": if you want to type y but by mistake you type
anything else, you have to start all over again. Therefore there
should also be a "p" offered: "bring me back to the previous line
and ask me again".

By the way,

       -ok command ;
              Like -exec but ask the user first (on the standard
              input); if the response does not start with `y' or `Y',
              do not run the command, and return false. If the command
              is run, its standard input is redirected from /dev/null.

Please add to this the reason why standard input is redirected from
/dev/null vs. -exec. (Otherwise seems just for spite.)

Also mention if one then indeed needs stdin, a workaround is
-ok true \; -exec, e.g.,
-ok true \; -exec ed {} \;
-ok true \; -exec mplayer {} \;

Also it seems an -ok + and -okdir + could be implemented just as there
now is -exec + and -execdir +.

P.S., add a word:
  -exec command {} +
   the total number of invocations of the command will ___usually___
   be much less than the number of matched files.

$ find just_one_file -exec echo {} +
1 vs. 1: not "much less".

Also say "(see above)" else users won't know what you are talking about:
  The environment variable LC_COLLATE ___(see above)___ has no effect on the 
-ok action.

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