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4.2.33 buildcmd.c problem

From: Roger Cornelius
Subject: 4.2.33 buildcmd.c problem
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:04:21 -0400
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In version 4.2.33 of findutils, at line 436 of buildcmd.c, is this
section of code:

  /* Take the size of the environment into account.  */
  if (size_of_environment > ctl->posix_arg_size_max)
      return BC_INIT_ENV_TOO_BIG;
      ctl->posix_arg_size_max - size_of_environment;

Notice the do-nothing statement in the else block.
This code is present from v4.2.28 to the present.
Roger Cornelius        address@hidden

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