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Re: [bug #14921] find -fstype broken when bind-mounts are used

From: Andreas Metzler
Subject: Re: [bug #14921] find -fstype broken when bind-mounts are used
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 18:28:07 +0200
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On 2007-06-03 James Youngman <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 5/14/07, Andreas Metzler <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Follow-up Comment #9, bug #14921 (project findutils):
>> Well, lets not call it a bug but a wishlist item. I think a
>> different behavior is preferable, with reporting  the "original"
>> /tmp/a as ext3 and the bind-mounted "copy" as type none.

> I can not see a way to distinguish the filesystem type of a bind mount
> to X from the filesystem type of X itself, without reproducing the
> symbolic link resolution algorithm in userspace.

I thought so. :-(

> >This would allow solving the suggestion in <http://bugs.debian.org/329385>:
> >
> >| Having a machine with several chroot's and filesystems mounted
> >| with bind, these filesystems are searched over and over again.
> >| Please add 'none' to PRUNEFS in /etc/updatedb.conf.

> Perhaps it's not ideal, but these cases can be solved with
> --prunepaths, except for the case of bind mounts to files.

Yes, listing them manually would work as workaround. But getting rid
of all bind mounts automaticallay would be nicer.

cu andreas
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