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delayed list messages (Re: [4.3 PATCH] locate fails when run as root)

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: delayed list messages (Re: [4.3 PATCH] locate fails when run as root)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 10:33:20 -0700
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James Youngman wrote:
> Nix wrote:
> > [This is a 3rd resend, since repeated attempts to send this to to
> > address@hidden have failed; the email vanished without trace;
> > maybe they're stuck in a moderation queue somewhere, but maybe they're
> > lost. Apologies if they turn up after I send this...]
> (I'll try to figure out where the previous mails went to)

Sorry, yes, two were in the non-subscriber hold queue waiting for a
human (me in this case) to review them.  This is completely my fault
because I had not checked the bug-findutils hold queue in the last few
days.  I have gotten behind with some of the mailing lists.  I
apologize for not keeping the bug-findutils list up to date.

When a new address shows up in the non-subscriber hold queue and is
approved we usually put the non-subscriber address into the whitelist.
This means that subsequent messages are treated identically to
subscriber messages.  They are passed through without delay.  This
means that any subsequent conversation in the mailing list are not
delayed.  It is only the initial contact mail that is held for
moderation.  This is done entirely to keep the mailing lists usable
against the flood of spam to them.  We are also working within the
confines of the Mailman installation.

If there ever is any question about the mailing lists please not not
hesitate to send messages to the mailing -owner address.  Those should
all go to a human.  Please do make the subject longer and as non-spam
looking as possible though because there is a lot of spam to those
addresses and it must be looked through manually to see any real
messages there.

Again I apologize for the delays here.


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