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Re: bug in FIND: argument list too damn long using -exec chmod 440 {} +

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: bug in FIND: argument list too damn long using -exec chmod 440 {} +
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:50:04 -0700
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D Antryg M Revok wrote:
> you /probably/ don't care, since it's been "good enough" for the GNU 
> tradition ( to be arbitrary and broken ) for years, but incompetence is 
> incompentence.
> If I rig my work to abuse all into obedience, everyone has the right to 
> call-me on it, and some programmers have similar integrity-values.

Note that the tone of your message is not conducive to starting a
productive conversation.  In the future you would be well advised to
remember the old saying, "You catch more flies with honey than
vineger."  Please avoid being so abusive in the future.  It is not

Second, the ARG_MAX limit is a kernel limitation.  This has nothing to
do with findutils nor other userland commands.  Look for "Argument
list too long" in this FAQ for more information.


Perhaps you should consider using a kernel without an ARG_MAX
limitation.  If I recall correctly Hurd, the GNU kernel, does not
suffer from an arbitrary ARG_MAX limitation.

Third, is there a bug report in your message?  I read the subject of
your message:

  Subject: bug in FIND: argument list too damn long using -exec chmod 440 {} +

But that should not suffer from an argument list too long problem.
The command is being executed one at a time for every matching file.
Therefore I can't guess as to what problem you are really having.  By
your own judgement we are incompetent and therefore you being the only
one competent one need help us to guess what what you are griping
about.  Give us an example that we can reproduce where find is
producing an error when it shouldn't.  This reference might help you
generate a better bug report in the future.


And finally as long as I have your attention your signature is way too
long.  Sixteen lines!  Wow.  It is polite to limit your signature size
to a few lines and no more.


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