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RE: extended find command

From: Witt, Arnoud
Subject: RE: extended find command
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 08:18:43 -0000

Thanks for replying.

I agree that find should not modify the filesystem, unless ...
And indeed, my intent was to implement the extra functionality, and
could not do this in C, because I am not too familiar with C and find as
it is now does not permit to do it otherwise, without creating temporary

I have looked at bug #11668 at savannah and it looks like others have a
similar solution, using a syntax like '-[a|c|m]time [|-|+]"date spec"',
which implements the same concept to find files with a time after and/or
before an exactly given time.



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To: Witt, Arnoud
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Subject: Re: extended find command

It's an interesting concept, but find should not itself modify the
filesystem unless the user has explicitly requested this (e.g. via
-delete, -exec etc.).  Your script also leaks the two temporary files.

I recall that http://savannah.gnu.org/ also has a similar feature
request for findutils.  Perhaps you might take a look at that and find a
way to implement this in C (i.e. as a patch to find) which doesn't
modify the filesystem.


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