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Re: Conversion of GNU find to use gnulib's fts interface

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: Conversion of GNU find to use gnulib's fts interface
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 21:19:10 +0100
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On Sat, Jul 30, 2005 at 11:27:09PM +0100, James Youngman wrote:

> I have made a CVS branch and modified findutils to use fts also.  

I am about to begin concurrently releasing findutils 4.2.x (a "stable"
branch) and 4.3.x (a "development" branch).  The princpal thing
provoking this is the change to use fts.  Hence the current fts branch
will soon be merged into the trunk.  This means that findutils-4.2.x
will concentrate on necessary bugfixes only and aim principally for

On the other hand findutils-4.3.x will try to make best advantage of
the gnulib fts implementation, and will generally feel free to take
larger evolutionary steps.

Future changes to the findutils 4.2.x will be carried out on the CVS
branch 'rel-4-2-fixes'.  For the moment, findutils-4.3.x will be
developed on the trunk.

I propose to handle the FTS feature like this:

findutils version        configure arguments    Result
4.2.x                   (none)                  Old code, without fts
4.2.x                   --with-fts=yes          Invalid, not supported
4.2.x                   --with-fts=no           Invalid, not supported
4.2.x                   (none)                  With FTS
4.3.x                   --with-fts=yes          With FTS
4.3.x                   --with-fts=no           Old code, without fts

Now is your chance to comment that the final two rows of the table are
a bad idea - that is, if you think that the ftsfind.c implementation
is not ready to be enabled by default in findutils-4.3.x, please say
so now.


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