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Re: xargs feature request...

From: Linda A. W.
Subject: Re: xargs feature request...
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 13:57:59 -0700
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Yep...so I was told...or, RTFM as I might say...(*appropriately flogging self*)

The only thing I would have as a problem in "$@" is if I had double quotes in
a file name somewhere. So then -print0/-0 seem to be the best options for passing filenames...


Bob Proulx wrote:
Linda A. W. wrote:

I think this has been the case a few times. As for worrying about quotes within my filenames, yes, it could be a concern, but quotes in file
names are less likely than spaces in my usage.

But that is just trading one problem for the same problem with a
different field separator character.  Better to avoid it entirely
using zero terminated strings with the -print0 and -0 options.

spaces within the filenames are protected by correct quoting, for
example "$@".

Would that put double quotes around the entire argument list rather than each item?

  "$*" is "$1 $2 $3 ..."

  "$@" is "$1" "$2" "$3" ...

Each argument is quoted individually.


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