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Re: Bug in find's -size (+patch)

From: Amir Sela
Subject: Re: Bug in find's -size (+patch)
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 16:01:36 -0500
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> > A more logical approach (To my opinion) would be to normalize the
> > *user's* choice of blocksize into a byte count. By doing that all
> > the comparisons are byte count-based and don't exhibit the bug when
> > b and k are used.
> I'm not sure we can do that while retaining POSIX compliance.  If you
> have some ideas about how find could be more convenient for you
> without compromising compliance with the POSIX standard, I'd like to
> hear them.

Well, it's not just for me. I can fix it for myself and be done with it.
It's simply broken. There's no other way to put it.
In any case, according to the reference you gave, it seems that 'k' is a
GNU extention anyway, which means we only need to preserve the broken
part when it's on 'b'. Will you apply a patch that will do that if I
submit it? Assume that I'll submit a patch that will add 'm' (for
megabyte) support, and the code for comparison doesn't change. You'll
get +/-1MB inaccuracies in the results. I think we should confine this
POSIXLY CORRECT (and broken) behaviour as much as we can, rather than
let it cascade into GNU extensions.

Thanks for the prompt reply!


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