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Re: large file support?

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: large file support?
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 21:53:29 +0100
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On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 12:01:36AM -0700, Greg Earle wrote:

> Then I noticed there's a findutils-4.1.20 on alpha.GNU.ORG, and so I
> built that.  It fixes the > 4 GB file size problem and doesn't break
> "-ls", so now I'm reasonably happy 

That's good news.  That release of findutils is now available on

> - except it looks like AFS support has been pretty much deprecated.
> Why is that?  

I don't know.  findutils-4.1.6 seems to have that feature, but
fidutils-4.1.7 seems not to.  That was before my time as maintainer,
so I can't explain it.

> (While find/fstype.c still has the AFS support in it,
> "configure" has had all the stuff - i.e., "--with-afs", and the
> additions to CPPFLAGS/LIBS if "--with-afs" is given - ripped out of
> it, and there's no longer any section with "#undef AFS" in
> acconfig.h/config.h.in anymore.)

Try adding this to your local configure.in and regenerating the
configure script and Makefiles (if you don't know how to do this
offhand, see the file README-CVS for hints; start with step 4).

[  --with-afs              support -fstype afs],
  AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, gethostbyname)
  AC_CHECK_LIB(socket, getservbyname)
  CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I/usr/afsws/include"
  LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -L/usr/afsws/lib -L/usr/afsws/lib/afs"
  LIBS="$LIBS -lsys -lrx -llwp"])
dnl In findutils 4.1.6 the -L flags were added into LIBS, but 
dnl the GNU coding standard would tend to put -L options into LDFLAGS.

> (I also found if I wanted AFS support and used the "--with-afs" switch
>  with "configure", I had to add "-lsocket -lnsl" to the LIBS definition
>  in "configure" as the AFS stuff needs to link to the socket library -
>  on Solaris 7, anyway - and it needs "gethostbyname" from "libnsl".)

The AC_CHECK_LIB lines in the above stanza are intended to take care
of that as well, but I haven't tested them (or indeed the rest of it -
I don't have AFS).

For me, the ideal thing would be if you could do the above tests with
findutils-4.2.1 (from ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/findutils) because if
that works, I can just roll the change straight into the development
code and get it into the next release.

James Youngman.

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