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-newer: how about ctimes to ctimes, atimes to atimes?

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: -newer: how about ctimes to ctimes, atimes to atimes?
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:30:44 +0800

$ info find
 - Test: -anewer file
 - Test: -cnewer file
 - Test: -newer file
     True if the file was last accessed (or its status changed, or it
     was modified) more recently than FILE was modified.

I see, all of the three compare only to FILE's mtime.
But what if one wants to compare ctimes to ctimes, or atimes to atimes??!
No, I didn't go as far as wanting to compare atimes to ctimes, but do
note you are mixing time types yourself first.

Whilst you are working on allowing us to compare atimes to atimes,
ctimes to ctimes, you should still, in the man and Info pages,
reiterate that you are indeed comparing apples to oranges, you know
it, and it is intentional.

We see that indeed you are checking mtime, just like you say,
$ n=file; for i in a c ""; do echo -n $i\ ; find $n -${i}newer $n; done
a file
c file

Or, if you insist on only allowing apples and oranges, than do show a 
touch -d "$$(find FILE -printf %c)" TMP; find TREE -cnewer TMP; rm TMP

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