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[bug-diffutils] man pages mention earlier version

From: diffutils . reportbugs201106 . pc1
Subject: [bug-diffutils] man pages mention earlier version
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 20:59:51 +0000

The man pages contained in the 3.0 distribution mention
an earlier version of the package.

$ grep '\.TH' diffutils-3.0/man/*.1
diffutils-3.0/man/cmp.1:.TH CMP "1" "April 2010" "diffutils 2.9.19-4065" "User 
diffutils-3.0/man/diff.1:.TH DIFF "1" "April 2010" "diffutils 2.9.19-4065" 
"User Commands"
diffutils-3.0/man/diff3.1:.TH DIFF3 "1" "April 2010" "diffutils 2.9.19-4065" 
"User Commands"
diffutils-3.0/man/sdiff.1:.TH SDIFF "1" "April 2010" "diffutils 2.9.19-4065" 
"User Commands"

The version string should be updated automatically (perhaps by means
of m4 and Makefile), instead of manually changing it every now and

And thank you for updating/maintaining the great GNU s/w.

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