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[bug-diffutils] [BUG] Incorrect diff output (diff -d is correct)

From: Jean Delvare
Subject: [bug-diffutils] [BUG] Incorrect diff output (diff -d is correct)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 18:45:29 +0200

Hi there,

I have attached two versions of a C source GNU diff has a hard time
diff'ing. The only difference between the two files is that several
functions have been moved around to avoid forward declarations. But the
output of "diff -u" is more complex than it should be. While I can
understand that the algorithm is not perfect and can lead to results
different from what a human would have done, the following excerpt:

-       if (!i2c_check_functionality(adapter, I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_BYTE_DATA))
-               return -ENODEV;
+       if (!i2c_check_functionality(adapter, I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_BYTE_DATA))
+               return -ENODEV;

is obviously wrong, no matter how you look at it.

"diff -ud" gets the correct output. Apparently git does as well (I
originally received the difference between the two files as a git

I have reproduced this bug on 4 different versions of GNU diff: 2.8.1
(slackware 12.0 binary), 2.8.7 (as shipped with openSUSE 11.3 x86_64),
2.9 and 3.0 (both self-built from sources.)

I'm sorry that the attached files are relatively large, but when I
tried to shorten them, the bug disappeared, so I had to leave them
verbatim. This confirms my impression that this is a real bug and not a
limitation of the diff'ing algorithm.

Jean Delvare

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