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[bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue warns if mapfile exists

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: [bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue warns if mapfile exists
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2019 14:10:44 +0100
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Hi Shahrukh,

Shahrukh Merchant wrote:
Seems like there should be a warning (with a flag to override the
warning) and some action by ddrescue to recognize the use of an old
mapfile. E.g., include the source and/or destination disk ID in the
mapfile (perhaps in a special comment field for backward compatibility)
and warn if either or both are different.

This can be a can of worms. To begin with, obtaining the device ID is not portable. Even device size is not always available. See for example the description of '--verify-input-size' in the manual:

Compare the size of infile with the size calculated from the list of blocks contained in the mapfile, and exit with status 1 if they differ. This is not enabled by default because the size of some devices can't be known in advance and because the size derived from the mapfile may be incomplete, for example after doing a partial rescue.

Moreover, ddrescue already warns when the mapfile exists. See http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html#Output

     GNU ddrescue 1.24
     Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
     Initial status (read from mapfile)
     rescued: 1665 MB, tried: 0 B, bad-sector: 0 B, bad areas: 0

Best regards,

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