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Run ddrescue a second time

From: Steve Westmoreland
Subject: Run ddrescue a second time
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 21:03:42 +0000

I know this email address is for bugs, but I could not find a reference in the 
instructions that I needed.

I ran ddrescue successfully in my linux box, from my affected 1TB drive to a 
new 2TB drive. I have put the 2TB drive aside for safekeeping and later restore 
(hopefully) of files.

I would like to run ddrescue a second time from the affected 1TB drive to a new 
1TB drive, so that I can look into the new 1TB drive and "poke around".

When I attempt to run: "ddrescue /dev/sda /dev/sdb /logfile.log", it tells me 
the output file (logfile.log) exists and if I overwrite it, existing data will 
be lost. Understandable.

But can I create a second logfile (mapfile) while maintaining the original? Or 
is this a foolish endeavor?

Thank you for your attention to this question.


Steve Westmoreland

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