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Good distro with ddrutility

From: Shahrukh Merchant
Subject: Good distro with ddrutility
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 01:34:17 -0300
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I've been using ddrescue with System Rescue CD for some years, and while I've been satisfied so far, I would like to install the ddrutility package.

I created a System Rescue CD Live USB with persistence so I could use the backing store with overlayfs to be able to customize the USB to some extent.

Much to my disappointment, not only is ddrutility not in the System Rescue CD package, but nor is pacman (Arch Linux's package installer) nor apt-get or apt or yum or whatever other package installers are out there. Not even make, not even gcc. So I can't install it myself either.

So my question is--what is an alternative Live USB installation that has the following features?

1. Includes ddrescue (of course) and related utilities like parted, ntfs-3g, losetup and other stuff that would be good to have in a rescue environment?

2. Includes the ddrutility package, ideally, or at least has the ability to install it (and possibly other packages too) in a persistent way.

3. Networking and graphical support would be nice, so it can serve as a general basic Unix environment as well even outside of "rescue" functions.

System Rescue CD is unfortunately missing Item 2 in the list above.


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