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[Bug-ddrescue] Question about long running "Scraping" phase

From: Tom Williams
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Question about long running "Scraping" phase
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2017 09:26:15 -0700
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Hi!  I'm using ddrescue 1.19 on a laptop running a Linux Mint 18 live
DVD to transfer data from a 750GB 2.5" SATA hard drive to a 1TB 2.5"
SATA hard drive.   The 1TB hard drive is physically installed in the
laptop and the 750GB drive is in a USB 3.0 SATA enclosure.  ddrescue has
been working on this for just over 5 days now and it's currently in the
"Scraping" phase.  It's been in this phase for about the last 3 1/2 to 4
days, with the last successful read happening about 4 days ago.  It
seems to have "scraped" about 109GB of data thus far.  ddrescue reports
a  479MB error size and encountered 77 errors.  I'll post an actual
screen shot of ddrescue output, when I can.

In any event, my question is:  is it safe to terminate ddrescue during
the "scraping" phase?

The reason I'm using ddrescue 1.19 is that version is the version in the
Linux Mint repository I used for installing in the "live" session.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!



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