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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Tip: Improving recovery chances with Seagate "F3" mod

From: Franc Zabkar
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Tip: Improving recovery chances with Seagate "F3" models
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 18:57:42 +1000

Most data recovery people use commercial tools such as R-Studio and UFS Explorer. The tools you describe are excellent freeware, but they're not really suited for professional work.

Here is a current thread that illustrates EXACTLY what I'm talking about:

Whilst the professionals generally doesn't offer positive advice, in this case their observations are accurate, namely that "your (sic) likely to kill the heads before you ever get close to 180 days".

The solution is to "erase Relo-list and disable error handling". Contrary to what all the professionals are saying, one does not need to outlay US$10K for a tool such as PC3000-UDMA. The desired result can be achieved using freeware tools and a bit of "McGuyvering".

-Franc Zabkar

At 10:24 AM 14/05/14, you wrote:

> Ddrescue is a great tool, and I recommend it in every storage forum,
> but without an appropriate helper application it will never achieve
> its full potential. I'm disappointed that you appear to be unwilling
> or incapable of accepting and understanding its limitations.

        Tools to deal with the issue you're referring to belong as part
        of a suite of tools that data recovery people will keep, but I
        don't personally see it belonging in ddrescue.  I believe
        you've taken the right direction in having someone else write
        the helper applications/tool to do the task.  Most data
        recovery people have a multitude of tools like testdisk,
        photorec, ddrescue and parted, adding more tools to their
        suite as they are required, your tool/helper probably will be
        added to the list.

        ddrescue does what it does and does it well and I feel that
        Antonio has made the appropriate choice ( to not incorporate
        the facility ) based on the planned scope of the ddrescue

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