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[Bug-ddrescue] Request for an Especific Clone Direction Option

From: William
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Request for an Especific Clone Direction Option
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 14:14:25 -0300
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At first, I'd like to thank all the people involved in this great project, specially Mr. Antonio Diaz.

I have realized that Ddrescue v1.18 automatically changes its clone direction from "forward" to "backward" when it finds some bad sector (even using --no-retry parameter). I think this happen due the new algorithm.

In my case, it jumped from 1GB at input position (in forwards mode) to 1.5TB (in backwards mode), however I didn't want this happen because there was a scratched area at the platter's edge. This caused damage to one of the heads. So I replaced the read heads (from a identical donnor) and it happened again because ddrescue changes its direction without our requesting.

This automated behavior can be very bad in cases which is needed to have more precise control over clone process (such as the clone direction), when handling scratched disks, per example. In such cases, it's quite important to keep the heads away from scratched areas to prevent permanent damages.

Is there a way to force Ddrescue to run in only one especific direction (at least in --no-retry mode)? Per example, "ddrescue --forward --force /dev/sda /dev/sdb" to run only in forward direction.

I think it's a important issue. I kindly request you this feature if isn't exist.

Best regards.


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