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[Bug-ddrescue] Help finishing Recovery

From: Peter Lubke
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Help finishing Recovery
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 23:32:28 +0900

I very recently moved a Windows XP Home Edition from a slightly damaged laptop 
internal hard drive to a partition on a new hard drive.

I have two remaining issues. These don't directly involve ddrescue. I did use 
ddrescue to successfully copy the partition data. However I had tried 
unsuccessfully earlier with ntfsclone - which required a larger space.

(i) Windows XP Home Edition, which now boots from my new internal laptop hard 
drive (yay!), sees the Windows partition as being the same size as the original 
disk (40GB) - instead of the actual partition size in the new disk (60GB).

(ii) Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) running gparted cannot use the ntfsfix or ntfsresize 
because they believe that the new partition still has a bad sector.

So solving either issue would be okay. I was thinking that this group of people 
might have encountered something like this before.

Thanks for reading in any case,


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