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[Bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue freezes on Mac OS X

From: Kristofer Widholm
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue freezes on Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 14:50:11 -0400
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See below terminal output. There were no compile errors when I built
ddrescue. When I run fs_usage, I see file system activity at all going on.
The process just hangs at 0%. There's obviously nothing being done, but
there's also nothing being generated in the error log. Something is causing
ddrescue to choke.

 $ ddrescue -v /dev/disk1s6 bhm.dmg volume_rescue.log

About to copy an undefined number of Bytes from /dev/disk1s6 to bhm.dmg
    Starting positions: infile = 0 B,  outfile = 0 B
    Copy block size: 128 hard blocks
Hard block size: 512 bytes
Max_retries: 0    
Direct: no    Split: yes    Truncate: no

Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Initial status (read from logfile)
rescued:         0 B,  errsize:       0 B,  errors:       0
Current status
rescued:     65536 B,  errsize:       0 B,  current rate:    10922 B/s
   ipos:     65536 B,   errors:       0,    average rate:    10922 B/s
   opos:     65536 B
Copying data...

[it will hang here for hours and hours, until I CTRL-C]

Machine info:
 Nombre del equipo:    iMac G5
  Modelo de ordenador:    PowerMac8,2
  Tipo de CPU:    PowerPC G5  (3.1)
  Unidades de CPU:    1
  Velocidad de la CPU:    2 GHz
  Caché de nivel 2 (por CPU):    512 KB
  Memoria:    1 GB
  Velocidad del bus:    667 MHz
  Versión de la ROM de arranque:    5.2.5f1

Running Mac OS X 10.4.10



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