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[Bug-ddrescue] Re: ddrescue relaunch and reading non-damaged part first

From: Matthieu Kretzschmar
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Re: ddrescue relaunch and reading non-damaged part first
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 13:32:13 +0200

There is maybe something I forgot to mention:

The very slow speed could be due to a hardware problem. I mean, the hard drive could be damaged such a way that it is very slow to read some sectors.

What makes me think that is the following:
I am reading the old (=damaged) drive on a mac in "target mode". It means that the mac sends the content of the hard drive to another apple laptop though a fire wire cable (then ddrescue read the hard drive from that "new" laptop). In this "target mode", the "old" mac displays a symbol on the screen that probably moves _accordingly_ to the rate at which data are transfered. E.g., now it is moving very slowly, while it was much faster when ddrescue was rescuing faster.

Could this interpretation be correct ? If yes, is my previous mail still pertinent ?

Maybe I could try to stop ddrescue and re-start it at a different position using the "-i" option ?

Thanks again for help,


Le 24 mai 07 à 11:47, Matthieu Kretzschmar a écrit :


I have dropped my macbook (apple laptop) and my 80Gb SATA hard drive (with all my research data) does not mount anymore. It is now connected though firewire to another computer and I am running ddrescue on it. Actually, because I have done things a little bit too fast, I am running ddrescue on the primary partition.

ddrescue -v /dev/disk1s2 /home/new.dmg rescue.log

it is running now since 2 days. It has first stopped for some time (about one hour) at the very beginning and then read very fast 19 Gb (in 2 hours?), but it is now stopped (I mean very slow) since about 36 hours. As an example, it has read about only 24Mb during the last whole night.

I am considering to stop it (btw how do I do that ? control+C ?), and relaunch it in a way that it first reads the non-damaged part. This way, I hope to know how much is damaged and to have an estimation of the needed time to rescue the maximum of my data. Here I am asking for help:

- How do I stop it ?

- Which options should I use in order that it restarts at the right place (or the existence of the log file is enough?) ?

- Which options should I use in order that it first reads all what can be read ?

Many thanks for that program and for help,


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