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Re: Failure of expensive test "datamash-valgrind.sh" for git HEAD

From: Tim Rice
Subject: Re: Failure of expensive test "datamash-valgrind.sh" for git HEAD
Date: Tue, 31 May 2022 21:22:45 +0000

Hey Erik,

the "expensive" test "datamash-valgrind.sh" fails on my Ubuntu 18.04
GNU/Linux x86-64 laptop with current git HEAD:

$ make check-expensive TESTS=tests/datamash-valgrind.sh
custom-format failed
FAIL: tests/datamash-valgrind.sh

Yeah, I was looking at this too. I want to make sure all expensive tests pass 
before opening 1.8 up for testing. This is not the only expensive test that 
fails for me, btw. The one for doing i/o on a full filesystem is also a bit 

I thought the --format test problem could be because of something weird on my 
local machine. The test was added at the same time as the --format flag. I 
figured, surely it must have been working when it was added?

And if datamash is intended to fail for this test, then what is the point of 
including inputs that don't cause it to crash? It would be clearer to go 
straight to the input which is too big.

Because it doesn't do that, I think datamash is intended to succeed. The 
conclusion is that the test inputs need to be pruned down.

~ Tim

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