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Re: Column labels with --full

From: Dima Kogan
Subject: Re: Column labels with --full
Date: Sun, 15 May 2022 18:07:56 -0700
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As you say, this option isn't well-defined, and it doesn't make a lot of
sense with aggregating operations. I think it makes great sense to
disallow it in those contexts and throw an error, but that might break
somebody's usage.

Since it isn't well-defined and weird, I think we can decide what makes
the most sense. I'm thinking of -f as "include all the other columns",
and with that interpretation, it shouln't re-label anything that would
be included without -f (i.e. the "GroupBy" in the field label). Also,
with -g, it's important to have the "GroupBy" in the label, I think.

Anybody else have opinions about it?

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