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[Bug-datamash] Feature request: percentiles

From: Barry Nisly
Subject: [Bug-datamash] Feature request: percentiles
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 23:57:03 -0800

I just found out about datamash and I want to thank you for creating such a useful tool.

My request is to add percentile in addition to the quartile calculations. 

I typically deal with latencies and am interested in 90, 95, or 99 percentiles. Arbitrary percentiles would be great but, in looking at the code, it doesn’t seem easy to implement. Creating hardcoded percentile calculations (e.g., 90, 95, 99) would be simple (adding the opcodes and connecting them to percentile_value() in src/utils.c.

Ideally, I could specify an arbitrary percentile, e.g., ‘percentile_93’ and have the parser parse out the percentile and pass it along with the ‘percentile’ opcode.

I may take a crack at implementing this as time permits and if there is any interest in the feature.


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