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Re: [Bug-datamash] Feature request: ignore NaN

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: [Bug-datamash] Feature request: ignore NaN
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 18:54:41 -0500
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Hello Brandon,

On 11/21/2014 12:21 PM, Brandon Invergo wrote:
Currently, if there's an NaN in a single row, the entire mean is NaN.
If a cell is empty, datamash returns an error (invalid numeric input).
It would be nice (well, necessary in my case) to be able to tell
datamash to ignore those values.

I like that.

I've added an option "--narm" to ignore those values.
The code is not yet in the official repository, as I need to add more tests and 
handle edge-cases.

But if you want to help me test it, I'll be happy to get feedback.
It's available here:
   git clone -b narm http://git.housegordon.org/cgit/datamash.git
Or here:

The new option allows you to do:

    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NaN 3 | ./datamash sum 1
    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NaN 3 | ./datamash --narm sum 1

    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NA 3 | ./datamash sum 1
    ./datamash: invalid numeric value in line 3 field 1: 'NA'
    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NA 3 | ./datamash --narm sum 1

    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NA 3 | ./datamash unique 1
    $ printf "%s\n" 1 2 NA 3 | ./datamash --narm unique 1

I'm not sure about empty cells.
Do you think empty cells should be treated as NA, or always trigger an error?
There could be some tricky edge-cases there...

Other than that, I'm finding datamash to be super useful.

Thanks for the kind words!

- Assaf

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