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mixing repositories

From: rabin shahav
Subject: mixing repositories
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 10:12:29 +0300

Hi All,
We have a use case in which we mix two different repositories.

The reason for the mixing is simple, we have one repository which hold the
source code which is used as the main repository, we use this repository to
build several platforms on a single check-ed out tree.

A second repository is used to hold the regression data, which is heavy.

Our main build makefile checks out several copies of he heavy tree, and
place it somewhere under the main work tree, each copy is used for a
different platform testing.

Now to the issue we are experiencing, till lately, we could mix the
repositories manually and CVS upd would *not* dive from one tree, ligth
source tree, to a different trees, but ever since we upgraded to cvs
1.11.22, cvs upd would dive and update the four copies of the heavy cloned
tree :-( , thus any cvs update on the source tree is taking way too long

We would not restructure the whole tree, too much work.
Any thoutgh as how to bypass this issue?
Manny 10x

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