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[bug #22781] cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers o

From: Nelson B Bolyard
Subject: [bug #22781] cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers of files after daylight saving time changes
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 01:56:25 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22781 (project cvs):

Sorry, file #15362 is incomplete.  Please disregard it.  

It appears that someone checked in the Windows-NT files, which 
have Windows line endings, from a Unix system, without setting 
the -kb sticky flag.  So, the line endings are wrong when checked
out using Windows cvs 1-11-x, because Windows CVS tries to convert unix line
endings to windows line endings during checkout.
The right thing would have been to either
a) convert the files to have Unix line endings before committing
from Unix, or 
b) set the binary sticky flag.

I'd suggest that someone fix the line endings on the affected 
files, and then recommit them.  Then I will be able to produce
a good patch with cvs diff.  (I'd do it if I could.)


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