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Re: strage cvs warning message

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: strage cvs warning message
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:59:45 -0400 (EDT)

Michael Smolsky writes:
> I've removed a directory from my repository (by means of 'cvs
> delet'ing all files from this directory, then 'cvs commit'), and then
> ran 'cvs update -P -d' in the directory one level above the one I
> removed.
> When I run 'cvs -qn update' from the dir one level above the one I
> removed, CVS says:
> cvs update: New directory `TheDirIRemoved' -- ignored

That's because you have ``update -d'' in your ~/.cvsrc file and there's
an unfortunate interaction between that and -n.  What happens is that -d
causes CVS to note that there's a directory in the repository that isn't
in your working directory.  If you hadn't specified -n, it would create
the directory, check out any applicable files, and then (assuming you
specified -P as well, which you didn't explicitly, but maybe that's in
your ~/.cvsrc file, too) note that the directory is empty and delete it.
Since you *did* specify -n, however, it skips all that processing and
just notes that there's a "new" directory.  At that point, it has no way
of knowing that the directory would have ended up empty and been
deleted, so it has no way to know that the warning is spurious.

-Larry Jones

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