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Re: Content of Attic dir?

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Content of Attic dir?
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 14:46:53 -0500 (EST)

Michel Blomgren writes:
> - If my repo never has a branch (it'll just have the trunk) can I be sure 
> that 
> the Attic only contains removed files?


> - If my repo does have tags (but no branches) can I be sure that the Attic 
> only contains removed files?


> - "cvs tag" doesn't tag anything under the Attic?, that is, if I'm tagging 
> things on the trunk (not in a branch, which I won't have anyway), or???

That depends on exactly how you're tagging.  A plain "cvs tag" will tag
the files in your working directory -- if one of those files came from
the Attic (perhaps because you checked out an old revision), then it
will tag the file in the Attic.

> - If the above is true, is it safe to backup all Attic dirs (on tape, for 
> example), remove all Attic dirs, hack away on the trunk, then one day, for 
> some weird reason, pull back a file from an Attic (i.e. copy in the Attic dir 
> needed into cvsroot/repo/dir/).  Will I be able to run e.g. "cvs add 
> long_deleted_tarball" to get the file(s) under the Attic back into CVS at 
> that time?

Maybe.  The only problem would be if you deleted a file and then created
a new file with the same name.  If you then restored the Attic
directory, you'd have two RCS files (one in the main directory and one
in the Attic) instead of just one.  I'm not entirely sure what CVS would
do in that case, but it's likely that you wouldn't be able to get to the
file in the Attic.

-Larry Jones

We don't ATTEND parties, we just CRASH 'em. -- Calvin

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